Updates and Renewal of Ship Documents

Service Logbooks for LSA & FFA 

  • To simplify and to make the administrative work onboard easier and at the same time improve safety, ASG makes Service logbooks for LSA and FFA and the working environment. The service logbooks are used to register safety introduction for new crew members, safety drills, inventory and maintenance of LSA and FFA, etc., and do also contain contingency plans for the vessel. 

Muster List

  • A muster list is a list consisting of the functions (responsibilities and duties) to be performed by each crew member, in case of emergency. ASG makes Muster Lists according to the Safe Manning Certificate.


  • ASG makes Shipboard oil pollution emergency plans (SOPEP), which include information about the vessel and how and where to report in case of an oil spill incident.


  • ASG makes Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), which includes information about the vessel, machinery, and how to optimize the fuel consumption and in that way reduce the emission from the vessel. 

Flag State and Class Documents

  • ASG can update and maintain vessels’ documentation to meet the needs of the shipowner and the requirements of the authorities.